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Mini Gastric Bypass

Obesity can lead to serious health issues, such as high cholesterol and heart disease, affecting your overall health and quality of life.

A mini gastric bypass is a procedure that changes how much you can eat and how many calories you absorb.

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, can provide a mini gastric bypass for just $5,750.

A gastric bypass isn't just about looking better.
It's about feeling better too.

Improve Your Quality of Life with a Shorter, Less Invasive Procedure

Long-Lasting Weight Loss

This surgery reduces the size of your stomach by approximately 90 percent and bypasses up to seven feet of your intestines. This dramatically limits how much you can eat and means your body will absorb fewer calories. 

Improve Health Issues

The procedure can result in type 2 diabetes remission. It can also improve diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and other metabolic issues.

Shorter and Safer

While a traditional gastric bypass takes about four hours, a mini gastric bypass can be completed in about one hour. It also has a lower risk of complications (just 2.9 percent compared to 7 percent) for traditional bypasses.

Feel More Active & Confident

Obesity can make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from participating in an active lifestyle. Surgery and the long-term weight loss it provides can improve your vitality and boost your self-confidence. 

Talk to Our Doctors About a Mini Gastric Bypass in Tijuana, Mexico

The doctors at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Mexico have helped thousands of patients lose weight and experience a healthier life through laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Francisco Gonzalez and his team of surgeons are board-certified and have combined decades of experience in surgical weight loss. 

A mini gastric bypass is popular among patients because it is less invasive than other weight loss surgeries like a gastric sleeve or traditional gastric bypass, minimizing the risk of complications.

Come to our state-of-the-art facility just 10 minutes south of the U.S. border and change your life forever.

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our team
Our team looks forward to helping you start a new chapter of health in your life.

How a Mini Gastric Bypass Works

Before and after mini gastric bypass where a new stomach is created and connected to the jejunum. The bypassed portion of the stomach has digestive juice flowing to the jejunum while the new stomach has food flowing to the jejunum.

"My Life Has Changed Dramatically."

"I want to thank Dr. Francisco Gonzalez and express my eternal gratitude to the staff at Oasis Hospital for their amazing work. Thanks to Dr. Gonzalez’s surgical skill as well as his entire program, my life has changed dramatically!"  Tekia H., Oasis of Hope Bariatrics Patient

A Two-Step Surgery  At Our Tijuana, Mexico, Facility 

Step 1

The first step of this bariatric surgery is to reduce the capacity of the stomach by about 75 percent using a laparoscopic stapler. Afterward, the stomach will resemble a thin tube. As the stomach pouch adjusts after surgery, it will be able to hold four to eight ounces.

Step 2

The second step of the bypass involves attaching the new stomach to the small intestines while bypassing the upper portion of the small intestine. This causes food to flow from the smaller tube-like stomach and bypass a significant portion of the intestines before resuming the normal digestive process in the remaining part of the intestine. 

How You Can Lose Weight With a Mini Gastric Bypass

Patients achieve long-term weight loss with this bypass procedure because of three very important changes it creates: 

Reducing Food Intake

Your smaller stomach will feel full more quickly, encouraging you to eat less. 

Reducing Calories

Your body absorbs fewer calories after this bariatric surgery because food bypasses a significant portion of the small intestine during digestion. 

Reducing Hunger

After modifying your digestive system, signals communicating hunger to your brain will be reduced, helping your weight loss.

Of course, it takes more than surgical modifications to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight after a mini gastric bypass procedure. Our staff will also create a personalized and comprehensive nutrition plan to help you lose weight safely after your gastric bypass. Meanwhile, we will provide guidance to help you remain committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to complement your reduced caloric intake.

Jenna's Treatment Experience

Jenna explains her experience with medical tourism in Mexico. She went to Oasis of Hope Bariatrics to undergo weight loss surgery. She describes her experience as being extremely enjoyable.

No Need to Travel Alone We Provide Accommodations for Your Companion Too

At Oasis of Hope Bariatrics, we want you to feel at home. Our medical team provides compassionate, knowledgeable care throughout the mini gastric bypass process.

For additional comfort, you are also welcome to bring a companion with you. In fact, the price of your mini gastric bypass will include all of their costs, except for food.

With a travel partner, you can rest with peace of mind after your mini gastric bypass. Your private room will feature a futon for your travel companion to sleep on peacefully.

Your travel companion can also partake in our amenities, like an onsite chapel, and enjoy delicious dining options.

Couple traveling

There's a reason why our gastric bypass patients travel to Tijuana, Mexico, for their treatment...

Looking for Quality Care at a Reasonable Price? Choose Oasis of Hope Bariatrics

Our medical team provides state-of-the-art healthcare to patients from all over the world, including those who have already had gastric sleeve surgery and require bariatric revision.

If you have considered gastric bypass surgery but have hesitated because of the price, Oasis of Hope Bariatrics can help. Our mini gastric bypass packages cover the cost of the procedure as well as accommodations. We also offer luxurious accommodations for your travel companion.

After mini gastric bypass surgery, patients can recover in a private room complete with a private bathroom and Netflix access. Patients and their guests also have access to our spa-like amenities.

Want to learn more about the possibilities? Contact Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, or call:

(619) 690-8417

Mature woman smiling while eating salad after exercising
When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, a mini gastric bypass can lead to sustained long-term weight loss.

"I highly recommend the Oasis of Hope Bariatrics." Hear From Our Happy Tijuana, Mexico, Patients


Pamela Freeman


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Oasis of Hope Bariatrics is a top notch facility!

I was very pleased with the care that I received during my stay for a gastric sleeve. Every staff member was kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable.

The facility is clean. The beds are very comfortable. The WiFi is fast. They clearly communicated every step of the way. The patient coordinator was quick to reply with any questions. The nurses were amazing. The nutritionist was thorough. Dr. Camelo was the best! He explained everything in detail and checked in with me after surgery. The driver they arranged from the airport was prompt. My companion loved the three course meals at the restaurant! The soup was her favorite. She said everything was so fresh and the presentation was beautiful.

I highly recommend the Oasis of Hope Bariatrics.

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Erika Nunez


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I was my sister’s companion for her gastric sleeve surgery at Oasis and I have nothing but positive things to say about the clinic...Immediately upon arriving I realized she was in good hands. Everyone from the drivers who picked us up from the San Diego airport, to the reception staff, nurses, doctors, and cleaning personnel were kind, caring, and courteous people. I will especially remember the nurses, each one was so sweet and professional with us - didn’t matter if it was 2am at night or middle of the day. The facilities are spotless and comfortable, it felt like we were in our own hotel room with all the amenities, and they were cleaned regularly. I had my own bed to sleep in, we were able to control the temperature on our own, and request fresh bedding when needed...The cafeteria also had regular dining options throughout the day ~ all vegan and yummy for $10 a meal. My sister and I are from Mexico so we spoke Spanish with the staff but staff is fully bilingual. I’m very grateful to everyone there for helping my sister take this important step for her well-being and would recommend this place highly.

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Worried about undergoing weight loss surgery in Mexico? 

Surgery in Mexico Follows the Same Safety Regulations and Protocols as the U.S.

Many patients hesitate to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico. However, our hospital follows the same safety regulations and surgical protocols as hospitals in the U.S. We also offer luxurious amenities, affordable rates, and the level of patient support necessary to achieve the results you need and deserve.

Mexico United States
Sterile, Accredited Hospital
English-Speaking Staff
Highly Trained Surgeons
Weight Loss Support Group
Safe, Secure Campus
Affordable Procedures

Do I qualify for a mini gastric bypass? 


Our team will perform various medical history evaluations to determine whether you are a good candidate for mini gastric bypass. Some of the most important criteria include: 

Body Mass Index

In order to qualify for mini gastric bypass surgery, you should have a body mass index (BMI) over 40 without comorbidities or over 35 with comorbidities.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 

Patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, may not be good candidates for this surgery because it increases your risk of bile reflux. If you suffer from GERD, you may be a better candidate for a traditional bypass

Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking and heavy alcohol use can increase your risk of complications and heart disease, so you should be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle prior to surgery and throughout your recovery

The Results? Nothing Short of Life-Changing

Before mini gastric sleeve surgery
After mini gastric sleeve surgery
After bariatric surgery, this patient was able to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

"I’m glad I made the right choice and chose Oasis." Why Patients Choose Our Tijuana, Mexico, Practice


Deb Avery


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Oasis is a beautiful location, right near the beach with a wonderful and caring staff who are passionate about the services they offer. I came from Salem,Oregon and felt safer in Tijuana than I do in Portland, Oregon. The staff were very attentive and caring and I only had a couple of times where we had to use a translation app to communicate. The doctor who did my surgery was thoughtful and took the time to listen to me, which I rarely get in the US. I had minimal to no pain and the team was very helpful with my questions and options for my travelling companion. Best experience I have had in a hospital setting and they had the best chicken broth! Highly recommend to anyone considering this option. I also discovered many people who travel to TJ for surgery go to Oasis for their actual procedure, even if they coordinate with another agency. Affordable, safe and I have had no issues in recovery at home.

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Mindy Guzman


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My experience with Oasis of Hope has been superb. I felt that I was in good hands from start to finish.

Dr. Gonzalez is the best. He explains everything thoroughly by visiting you in your room and is sure to answer any questions you may have. Dr. Gonzales also comes with a ton of experience.

The staff is exceptional, as well. The nurses and staff doctors are very attentive with their around the clock care. If you prefer to stay where you have the surgery, this is the place. You stay in their care at their very nice and well kept hospital.

You really can’t beat the care you get at Oasis of Hope and I’m glad I made the right choice and chose Oasis.

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Enjoy Spa-Like Amenities and Professional Care In Tijuana, Mexico

Our $5,750 mini gastric bypass weight loss surgery package includes:

  • Three nights at our hospital
  • Ground transportation from San Diego to and from Mexico 
  • Preop tests including chest X-ray and EKG
  • Nutritional consultation before, during and after the surgery
  • Discharge medications and supplies
  • Follow-up support up to 5 years after your weight loss surgery

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics has an upscale, state-of-the-art facility in Mexico. Our on-site hotel includes private rooms and bathrooms, dining services, and tight security. Our package includes lodging for one companion - they are only responsible for paying for their own meals. 

Call us today to learn how weight loss surgery in Mexico can be just as safe as procedures in the U.S. or Canada:

(619) 690-8417

Why Go to Mexico for Your Mini Gastric Bypass? The Financial Advantages of Choosing Our Office

Many Americans visit Mexico for bariatric surgery procedures, such as gastric bypass surgery and mini gastric bypass.

Even when factoring in the price of travel and lodging, weight loss procedures at our Tijuana, Mexico, practice can cost significantly less than bariatric facilities in the United States and Canada.

Our bariatric surgeons and support staff will monitor you closely for any complications as you recover comfortably in a private room. You will have peace of mind after your mini gastric bypass.

Doctor and patient

The Cost of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery And Other Bariatric Surgeries at Our Tijuana Practice

Unlike other hospitals, we also offer transparent pricing and affordable rates for the same level of quality care. Our pricing includes your hospital stay in Tijuana, and many accommodations that are typically not included elsewhere. 

Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass Mini Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery





Starting at $5,750

 Nights in hospital

3 3 3 3

Ground transportation

 Pre-op lab

 Chest x-ray & EKG

Physician and hospital fees

 Nutritional consultation

Flexible Financial Options

We want to make bariatric surgery available to every patient, regardless of their financial circumstances. In addition to providing highly affordable care, we offer various financing options to help you pay for treatment. 

Our Tijuana center gladly accepts American Express, MasterCard and VISA credit cards, and patients can pay 100 percent of their fees using the credit card of their choice. 

We also work with a third-party lender called United Medical Credit, Inc. which offers flexible, low-interest payment plans so you can pay for treatment on your terms. 

"A Truly Amazing Experience."

"A truly amazing experience, going to the Oasis of Hope, My husband had a gastric sleeve done lost week. The hospital is a very modern and up to date facility, clean and beautiful. The patient rooms are more like a hotel rooms each room has a private bathroom and contains a hospital bed and a regular bed for your companion..." Andreea T.

You may be eligible for a mini gastric bypass if:

You have a BMI over 35 with comorbodities or
a BMI over 40 with or without comorbodities

What Is My BMI?

A Typical Recovery Timeline For Your Weight Loss Surgery

1-3 Days

While you stay at our Tijuana hospital, your companion can stay at our on-site hotel or spend time with you in your private room.

2 Weeks

You should plan to take up to two weeks off of work so that you can fully recover. 

1-3 Months

You will transition from a special liquid protein diet to a regular healthy diet. 

6 Months

You can expect to begin losing a large percentage of excess body weight.

Mini Gastric Bypass as a Revision Surgery

Mini gastric bypass is a popular option for patients considering revision surgery after gastric sleeve surgery, LAP-Band, or gastric balloon. Similarly, those who previously underwent mini bypass surgery can often undergo a duodenal switch or traditional gastric bypass. Because of our outstanding results in this area, about 50 percent of the procedures our Tijuana practice performs are revisions.

"I’ve lost around 40 pounds  in 6 months..."

before bariatric surgery
Judy before her procedure
after bariatric surgery
Judy after her procedure

"I had my Sleeve Gastrectomy done in January of 2018. I was astounded at how fast I recovered from the surgery. I am even more amazed at how fast I started losing weight. I feel great and have had no medical issues since my discharge from Oasis. I’ve lost around 40 pounds in 6 months since the surgery and I feel great. My knees stopped hurting, I feel good after eating and I have a lot more energy. My kids are happy that I’m much more active and for once I feel like life is good !! Thanks Dr. Gonzales"

If you're not a candidate for a mini gastric bypass surgery, there are other bariatric surgeries that can help you with weight loss.

Other Bariatric Surgery Options Available at Our Tijuana, Mexico Facility

Roux-en-Y / Traditional Gastric Bypass

Widely known as a traditional gastric bypass, Roux-en-Y is a procedure where the stomach is divided into a lower and upper pouch. The procedure is similar to a mini gastric bypass except it involves more intestinal rerouting and has a shorter overall surgery time. Some people choose a mini gastric bypass instead of a Roux-en-Y procedure because it's a simpler weight loss surgery and less likely to involve complications.

Gastric Sleeve

In a gastric sleeve procedure, part of the stomach is removed to reduce your caloric intake. Like a mini gastric bypass, a gastric sleeve is a restrictive surgery that limits how much you can eat. Our surgeon removes the stomach tissue using laparoscopic techniques. Next, using a surgical stapler, he will create a stomach "sleeve" similar to the size and shape of a banana. The remaining gastric sleeve will only be about 10 percent of the size of your natural stomach.

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics

Choose a Trusted Team

The medical team at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, is committed to providing the highest quality of care to deliver life-changing results. Drs. Francisco Gonzalez, Mario Camelo Ramos, and Francisco Guarista are all board-certified bariatric surgeons trained in the latest weight loss surgery methods. Additionally, we offer: 

  • State-of-the-art surgical care
  • Affordable, transparent pricing
  • A safe, secure campus 

To learn more about our Tijuana practice, call us at (619) 690-8417, or request a quote online.

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