Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Being overweight can make daily tasks difficult, put you at risk of serious health conditions, and make you feel self-conscious.

If you've tried to lose weight with diet and exercise for years with no success, gastric sleeve surgery can improve your quality of life.

How can gastric sleeve better my life? 

gastric sleeve surgery

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Decreased Appetite

During gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Francisco Gonzalez will reduce your stomach by about 90 percent to the size and shape of a banana. This allows you to eat less after surgery.

Reduced Health Issues

Studies show that a bariatric surgery can reverse diabetes and other conditions associated with excessive weight. 

Improved Quality of Life

Following bariatric surgery, many patients experience newfound confidence and restore their ability to participate in everyday life to their full capacity. 

Show me how the procedure works...

illustration of stomach before and after gastric sleeve

Is it safe to get surgery in Mexico? 

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics  Follows the Same Rules and Regulations as U.S. Hospitals

Medical tourism, or traveling to a foreign country in pursuit of medical treatment, is an increasingly popular industry. In 2016, The Huffington Post listed Mexico as one of the top five foreign countries to travel to for medical treatment.

Mexico United States
Sterile, Accredited Hospital
English-Speaking Staff
Highly Trained Surgeons
Weight Loss Support Group
Safe, Secure Campus
Affordable Procedures

Oasis of Hope Bariatrics is just 30 minutes south of San Diego International Airport. We will coordinate your transportation and accommodations from arrival to departure at our gated, secure campus.

"From the first time I contacted the hospital the staff was very kind. Answered all my questions. Made me feel safe and comfortable before I even arrived. They had all transportation arranged both ways. The hospital was quiet and clean almost like a resort. My surgery went perfect. I had a great team and would recommend them to any one." Hidi, an Oasis of Hope Patient

Am I a good candidate for this surgery? 

Candidacy Requirements for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Body Mass Index

In order to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, you should have a body mass index (or BMI) of over 30 and under 50.

No Previous Bypass

Patients who have already undergone gastric bypass surgery are not good candidates for this procedure.

Heart Health

Patients who have had a heart attack or suffer from a heart condition may be disqualified from this surgery. 

What is my BMI?

BMI: 25.0—29.9

Weight Status: Overweight

Ready to Become a Patient? 

We can connect you with our patient care coordinator. If you are eligible for bariatric surgery, your procedure can be scheduled within two weeks. 

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery in Six Simple Steps

Although preparing for gastric sleeve surgery will vary from patient to patient, the process usually consists of six simple steps: 

Initial Contact

When you contact us via phone or e-mail, we will put you in touch with our patient coordinator. 

Medical History Forms

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form to help our team evaluate whether you are a good candidate for bariatric surgery.

Approval for Surgery

Within 24 hours of submitting your forms, we will inform you whether you have been approved as well as answer any outstanding questions.

Schedule and Deposit 

When you are approved, we will schedule your surgery and ask you to pay a deposit of $500.

Travel Arrangements

Our admissions coordinator will work with you to choose flights and coordinate your arrival to San Diego International Airport.

Pre-Op Diet 

We will put you in touch with our diet consultant, who will provide a detailed dietary plan

What happens during the surgery? 

During gastric sleeve surgery, part of your stomach is removed to reduce your caloric intake.

What to Expect  During a Gastric Sleeve

A day before your surgery, you and your family will check-in at our private campus

On the day of surgery, our anesthesiologist Dr. Oscar Contreras will place you under anesthesia to ensure that you are fully asleep during your surgery.

The doctor will create up to five small incisions in your belly. He will insert instruments through these incisions and remove part of your stomach.
The remaining part of your stomach will be rejoined using surgical staples.
Dr. Gonzalez will remove the tools and close your incisions with stitches.

Although the length of your procedure will vary, most gastric sleeve surgeries are completed within one and a half hours

Following your surgery, you will spend four nights at our hospital. Every room is equipped with Netflix, a companion bed, and private bathroom for your comfort. 

The results? Life-changing.

Can I afford this procedure? 

Transparent Costs  and Fair Prices

One of the benefits of visiting our hospital is that we offer transparent, affordable, and largely all-inclusive rates for surgery. 

Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass Mini Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery


Special $4,199



Starting at $4,899

 Nights in hospital

3 4 4 4

Ground Transportation

 Pre-op lab

 Chest x-ray & EKG

Physician and hospital fees

 Nutritional consultation

We understand that surgery is a large emotional and financial investment.

To make surgery accessible to all patients, we accept credit cards and work with Health Finance Center and United Medical Credit to offer financing for patients.

How can you help me maintain my results?

Establishing a Healthy Recovery  for Lifelong Results

Dr. Gonzalez and his team want to help you maintain the results of your procedure. We offer several resources to assist you throughout your weight loss journey, including: 

  • Follow-up medical evaluations 
  • Biweekly check-ins with a nutritionist 
  • Phone, video conferencing, and e-mail suppor

Although gastric sleeve surgery boasts a low rate of complication compared to other bariatric procedures, patients should be aware of the potential risks and complications. These include: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Dumping 

Our team will guide you through your recovery to help decrease the risk of complication. 

"Having the certainty of being in the best hands, at all times, with highly prepared doctors and the best facilities with a 24/7 staff support and a 24-hour recovery... enjoying great food and comfort for myself and my loved ones." Jane, an Oasis of Hope Bariatrics Patient

Dr. Francisco Gonzalez

Dr. Francisco Gonzalez
Dr. Francisco Manuel Sanchez Gonzalez Rubio
Bariatric Surgeon | Surgeon License: 4795435

Dr. Gonzalez is a certified bariatric surgeon who has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries over the past two decades.

His credentials include: 

  • Board-Certification from the Mexican Council of Surgery.
  • M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) in Guadalajara, Mexico

Schedule an Appointment with a Highly Qualified Surgeon

A gastric sleeve surgery is a great option for patients who meet the criteria because it offers a lower risk of complications and quick recovery compared to other bariatric procedures. Start your weight loss journey at Oasis of Hope Bariatrics today. Simply submit an online contact form or call us at (619) 690-8417.​

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